Friday, May 15, 2015


You are what you eat, right! Every saturday, we go to the local farmers' market to do our grocery shopping. We fill our cart with colourful veggies and juicy fruits, we try also to eat fish once a week and not too much of meat and poultry. And finally, we buy cheese and bread. 
There are economical reasons to buy local products and what's in season. But above all, it's the taste & slight flavour, along with the smile of merchants. I luuuuvv it! 
Once in a while, we slurp on a coffee while watching people come and go or buy flowers. 

This Saturday, we bought the early crop of beans and peas. 

Peas, runner beans and beans 

We've got work to get all the peas out of the pod. Fortunately, I have 4 little hands to help me.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quality time with daughter

Today is a day off. I spent the whole day colouring with my daughter. I'm amazed how she can stay focus for 30 minutes straight.

The other day, my morale was a little bit down : too much professional/personal issues to deal with.
She asked me why I looked so miserable. To which I replied : Nothing in particular, it's just an off-day. She said : Oh mommy! The world would be much more better off if everyone sees life in colours. I have so much to learn from my daughter.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Artichoke cure

My husband suffers from redness between eyes and lower forehead (rosacea, psoriaris, ?). After analysis, the nature of the skin rash and the cause are not determined. He tried cortisone based creams and other lotions. However nothing seems to work. We turn to alternative medicine : drink 2L of artichoke juice everyday. 
Today it's the beginning of his cure. Let's go to the market and buy artichoke.
The preparation is quit simple : cut the stem, fill a pot with enough water to cover the artichokes, boil (20-30min) and drain. Do it 3 times. 
Time and a lot of drinking will tell us if it works. Keep in touch.

Beautiful artichokes

Clear to dark green from 1st to 3rd time

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The political pop-art

I was clearing some space on the computer when I bumped into pictures of several works of Keith Haring. I always like the artist for his political activism, for being honest and truly himself, for not being afraid to go against the flow. And he expresses it with a huge bang: bold lines and vibrant colors, from simple, suggestive to agressive shape, however filled with a poignant message and a touch of humour. 

Thank you, mister Haring!!

This is my great work of all: my kids!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I suffer from chronic cold extremities : mainly fingers and toes. They're cold at touch even during warm weather, when the airco is on and it's worsened during winter of course. 
I'm not in agonizing pain but it is extremely awkward when you have to shake hands or you happen to touch someone's hand when reaching from the salt and they remove their hands instantly like they were getting an electric shock. As the old saying, cold hands mean a warm heart. I mean literally and figuratively. 

To hold my feet warm, I wear ugg boots. And oh my! They are comfy and so warm! However, after 3 winters, they have been put into good use and now may they rest in peace. The thing I don't understand I got a hole in it. How so? It's still a mystery...